Forgotten memories in black and white

At the end of the summer I decided to take some old black and white film negatives that I had to the photography store Downtown Camera in Toronto to have them developed. It has been 20 years since I developed the film in the darkroom back in university. I did not remember what was on the negatives.

A week later when I opened the email to view the images I was quite surprised by what I saw. There were images from time spent in New York one summer and an unrecognizable Toronto. I honestly don’t remember taking the images. Looking at them is like another life.

I tried to edit the photographs in Adobe Lightroom, but it felt wrong. At the time in my life that the photos were taken I was shooting with my Minolta DSLR camera. I had access to the darkroom at school and was developing my own negatives and prints. To edit he photos on my computer felt wrong.

New York United Nations

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