Film is not dead

It was at the end of May this year that I saw a post from Downtown Camera on Facebook about a camera called Holga. I had never heard of that camera before. I was intrigued and decided that I wanted to get one. I finally picked up the camera this past week and I have to say that I am excited about shooting film again. It has been 20 years since I last shot film using my old Minolta camera.

I am glad that I had the opportunity to shoot film many years ago and play around in the darkroom. When you shoot with film you have no idea what the images are going to look like until they are developed. I have missed that and contributed to me delayed acceptance of digital cameras. I love my Olympus camera, but this will be something new that I can play with.

I purchased the Holga FN 120. It is a medium format camera that uses 120 film. I chose this version has it has a built in flash. The images have been described as soft and dreamy.

I purchased three rolls of film:

2 rolls of Kodak Tri-X 400 (white)

1 roll of Kodak Portra 400 (colour)

Camera features:

  • uses 120 medium format film
  • the camera includes 2 different film size masks – one for 16 frames of 6×4.5cm images and one for 12 frames of 6x6cm
  • tripod mounting socket
  • flash ready lamp
  • the 120FN requires two AA batteries
  • includes lens cap and strap


There are four symbols on the focus ring:

Symbol of one person = 1m or 3.25 ft.

Symbol of three persons = 2m or 6.50 ft.

Symbol of several persons = 6m or 20.00 ft.

Symbol of mountains = 10m or 33.00 ft.


Two choices are available:

Sunny symbol = f/ll for use on sunny days; and

Cloudy symbol = f/8 for use on cloudy days.

Focus and Aperture

Use of “B” Exposure

Set the “B” exposure switch to the “B” position to take extended exposure pictures

“B” Exposure

Once I have reviewed the operation instructions and manual I will find a Youtube video to show me how to load film in the camera. I was never good at that.

I will post pictures when I have had images developed.

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