Winter is coming

For the last couple of months I have finished some knitting projects ahead of the dreaded Canadian winter. I consider myself a beginner knitter. I have been a beginner knitter for many years. 2019 will be the year I get out of my comfort zone (garter stitch) and try something more challenging.

The following are some of the projects that I have finished:


Cascade Yarn – Lana Grande (Hot Pink)

I actually started this project a few years ago. I did not follow a pattern to make this throw. I knit two strands of yarn together.



Tau Zion Lion 

Wool and the Gang – Crazy Sexy Wool (Emerald Green)

This hat was bigger than I thought that it would be. My first thought when I put it on was that I looked like Dumb Donald from Fat Albert.



Happy Daze Beanie

Wool and the Gang – Crazy Sexy (Ultra Violet)

I decided to make another hat using the same brand of wool but a different pattern. It fit much better. I also love the colour. I have not made a pompom since I was a child. I did not have a pompom maker so I followed a Youtube video using cardboard rings. Not my best work.


I followed the instructions in the Youtube video


Her Shawl

Loopy Mango – Merino no. 5 (Jungle)

I purchased this kit 2 years ago and I just started working on it in August. I love it and can’t wait to wear it.



Work in Progress:

  • Foxy Roxy scarf from Wool and the Gang (Big Bird Yellow)
  • Cowl (no pattern used) using Americo Original Boucle (Charcoal Grape)
  • Knit Triangle Shawl using Caron Cakes yarn (Strawberry Kiwi)



Any knitter will tell you that they have a stash of yarn that continues to grow. A company was going out of business and was selling Wool and the Gang Crazy Sexy Wool for half price. I could not pass up the deal. I always wanted to make a throw using this wool.

Wool and the Gang Crazy Sexy Yarn (Sherpa Blue)


These are a few of my favourite sites for knitting:

Wool and the Gang

We are Knitters


Americo Original

All about Ami


You can find many more ideas on Pinterest, Facebook and YouTube.


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