Chicken and Waffles

At the corner of Bloor and Euclid in Koreatown in Toronto is the restaurant The White Brick Kitchen. My sister has raved about the restaurant, so I decided that I had to check it out. I did not want to go on a busy time of the day, so I decided to go on my day off for lunch.

I really did not have to look at the menu as I knew that I wanted to try the chicken and waffles. I decided to get the spicy instead of classic fried chicken. I was warned that it was really spicy, but I thought that I could handle it as I cook with scotch bonnet peppers.  Was I wrong. It was really spicy.  The pink lemonade helped relieve the burning sensation in my mouth. The chicken skin was so crispy and the waffle was light and fluffy.  I should have put some maple syrup on my chicken.

Great atmosphere and location. I will definitely have to go back soon and try the other items on the menu.




Address: 641 Bloor Street West, Toronto M6G 1L1

Telephone: (647) 347-9188

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